Behind emmasbox is a highly motivated team that works with all its energy on the best solutions for our customers. Our journey began in 2013 when we ourselves had to struggle with the “challenges” of everyday shopping. At that time, click & collect solutions and collection stations seemed to us to be the right answer to increasingly flexible and more spontaneous daily routines. By 2014, we had therefore developed the first prototype for a refrigerated collection station for food, which was brought to the market in 2015. Since then, we have been supporting customers in the implementation of click & collect projects with our hardware and software products, and enabling end users to quickly and conveniently collect products ordered online.

Our goal is to offer an outstanding software solution for lockers, which is able to cover all the use cases of pick-up, luggage, storage and handover lockers. We regard the underlying hardware as a means to an end, which is only brought to life by the software. The perception of the ‘user experience’ of consumers, couriers, employees, service and cleaning staff is significantly influenced by the design of the underlying processes and the quality of the software used.

We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that our software products are not only stable, secure and highly scalable, but in addition to maximising a positive “user experience“, they can above all be operated in a simple and uncomplicated way.