As a modular system, every emmasbox pick-up, luggage, storage and handover locker has one or more, so-called “modules”. One module is a control unit (control module) that uses a touchscreen, barcode scanner and optional cashless payment terminal.

The number and arrangement of modules are freely selectable and can be adapted to both the space available at the installation site and the expected utilisation. All modules are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are therefore optimally protected against the weather and vandalism.


17 inch touch display

Bar and QR code scanner

Industrial PC

Ethernet and SIM card router

Currentless emergency opening

Body colour RAL 9006

Compartment colour RAL 9007


Attractive price-performance ratio

4 module types

3 compartment sizes
Central 230 V power connection


Cashless payment device

Receipt printer

LED indicators open/closed

Canopy with lighting

Uninterruptible power supply

USB charging sockets in S compartments

Individual colours

Tailor-made compartment sizes


Module: ca. 1.0 x 2.2 x 0.7/1.0 m

Comp. S: ca. 400 x 215 x 600 mm

Comp. M: ca. 400 x 460 x 600 mm

Comp. L: ca. 620 x 460 x 900 mm

All sizes: W x H x D




As software specialists, we provide our customers with a comprehensive software package for the operation of pick-up, luggage, storage and handover lockers. This package generally consists of the following components:

The emmasbox station software is installed on all lockers and allows end users, service staff and cleaning staff to interact with the station. This usually occurs via a touchscreen as a central control element, a barcode scanner and, if necessary, other peripheral devices.

The emmasbox cloud is designed for the management of the locker network and allows browser-based use of diagnostic, evaluation, monitoring and remote access functions. The emmasbox cloud can be accessed and used via any internet-enabled device, such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The emmasbox API and the emmasbox subscription service allow external software systems, such as smartphone apps, booking systems and SAP systems to automatically communicate with the locker software, make bookings, check the status or perform other actions.


We are happy to adapt our software solution for you to facilitate the seamless integration of your existing business processes. No matter whether it involves adapting the user interfaces of stations, designing individual delivery and collection processes or a customised expansion of the emmasbox API – we’re able to implement virtually everything for our customers.


Versatile: customised utilisation processes on request

Flexible: flexible databases for a wide variety of modifications using NoSQL

Hosted in Germany: software infrastructure implemented using German servers

Secure: encrypted communication using SSH via VPN and SSL/TLS

Redundant: server with redundancy to several hosting partners

Scalable: scalable Linux-based software, architecture and infrastructure

High availability: highly available server landscapes

Multilingual: multilingual menu navigation at lockers and in the cloud

Permission-based: user and authorisation management for all applications

Offline availability: lockers can be used during temporary network outages

Connectable: can be integrated using REST API and subscription services





Core product of a young and dynamic team

Software-driven company philosophy

Platform- and producer independent

Cooperation with other hardware suppliers possible at any time

Reliable German speaking support based in Munich, Bavaria

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