Food ordered online, collected offline. Refrigerated, fresh and at any time. emmasbox is a refrigerated parcel locker for food ordered online, which maintains the refrigeration chain of fresh food by means of refrigeration until collection by the end user. Around the clock, summer or winter. For real freshness without dry ice or cold packs.

The scope of services of an emmasbox parcel locker comprises:
  • Outdoor-compatible in summer and winter
  • Suitable for the storage of food between -20 °C and +20 °C
  • Certified by the German Federal Association of Food Inspectors
  • Flexible, modular design
  • Weather and vandalism resistant
Climate zones between -20 °C and +20 °C. The storage of all procurable food types is possible through use of composite fan cooling. The entire range, whether frozen food, refrigerated goods, deli counter or dry goods. State-of-the-art technologies provide an energy-efficient refrigeration and prevent power loss in closed and open state.
Modular design for maximum flexibility. The modular design allows the customisation of each parcel locker to varying needs. Each emmasbox can be individually configured from different size compartments to the range of the climate zone and the total width of the parcel locker.
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